How to export Mass Effect NPC yourself

If you cannot find the Mass Effect NPC you are looking for in the collection I provide on this website here, you can use a ME3Explorer and a tool I coded a few years back to extract the NPC you wish yourself from the game files.

Please find below how to proceed :

1/ You need ME3Explorer tool that you can find here :…
If you already have a more ancient version, I suggest you get this one since this is the only version I tested with and I won’t support older ones.

2/ You need to download my ME3 headmorph export tool which you can find here:…

3/ Unzip ME3Explorer first, then MEMorphExporter to ME3Explorer folder : it’s mandatory for MEMeshMorphExporter.exe to be in the same folder as ME3Explorer

4/ To open the tool, click on MEMeshMorphExporter.exe.

You will get the following window:

5/ Usage is pretty basic :
    – the file menu allows you to open a pcc file :
        – if the pcc file you open does not contain any headmorph, you will get an error message. 
        – if it does, all the skeletal meshes and headmorphs will be displayed on the left of the tool in a treeview. Details will be displayed on the right when you click on one item.
    – you can export meshes and morphs individually by selecting one and clicking the appropriate export option in the option menu or right click
        – Meshes and headmorphs can be exported as fbx. Headmorphs can also be exported as a json file containing all the parameters about the morph.
    – you can also export all meshes or all headmorphs of one pcc file by selecting the pcc node in the tree

6/ Once you have exported a morph as fbx, you can import it to blender for example : when you import in blender, change the FBX import option “Manual Orientation”. Check it and selected Z up and Y forward.

7/ Headmorph are a combination of vertices morph (which is already baked in the exported fbx) and a bones pose, meaning that if you delete the skeleton or replace it by another one, part of the character look will be lost.

And finally, I have extracted the list of pcc containing headmorphs to a google sheet here:
The name of the morph is not always straightforward for all characters, so feel free to fill the Character name column if you wish.