Mass effect headmorph importer for Blender: examples

As a follow up of my previous post where I wrote about an addon to import mass effect headmorph to blender, hereafter, you can find some examples of use with some of my own Shepards. You’ll find a mix of BroShep, FemShep, ME2 and ME3.

Please note that the blender ‘renders’ were done with Cycles in blender 2.70a and can hardly be called renders : most of the time, lighting is just default ambiant occlusion and textures are just at the beginning of the work.

1/ Isaac Shepard

In this example, ME3 mesh and headmorph were used.

In the background : it’s a caps of 3 views of Shepard in blender, taken with the  Cycles interactive 3d view.

Above, we have a caps from ME2 at the top, another ME2 one on the bottom left and a ME3 one at the bottom right.

Isaac Shepard ME3-comparison ingame/blender

2/ Kate Shepard

Here, we have a femShep from ME2, then mesh and headmorph were exported from ME2.

In the backgroung, another caps of 3 views of Shepard in blender, it’s cycles 3d interactive view with just some ambiant occlusion and little work on textures.

Above, we have 3 caps from ME2 and different angles.

Kate Shepard ME2-comparison ingame/blender